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The country is ideal for active holidays and challenges hikers on tours to the UK’s highest mountains or over the almost 800 islands. Get around the country and explore the footprints of the Romans, Vikings, noble clansman, and many more - the history has shaped the country and enriched its culture. However, the past is not the only thing that makes Scotland so special. The country strives for innovation and is one step ahead in many aspects. Although the weather might be rough, the friendliness of the Scottish people will warm your heart.
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Destinations in Scotland


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Attractions in Scotland

City trips to the Cities of Scotland

The ’Fair City’ of Perth used to be the ancient capital of Scotland but turned by now into a vibrant cosmopolitan centre. It is located only an hour away from Edinburgh but the mountains are also not far. You don’t have to decide if you want to go on active breaks and explore Scotland by walking or explore the historic cities of the country.

The great Outdoors of Scotland

Far up in the north, the temperatures are lower and the weather seems to be extremer. Packing a raincoat is indeed a good decision when traveling to Scotland, but don’t worry, the weather there is actually quite moderate and changeable. If well prepared, your next outdoor adventure in the Highlands or on the many islands will quickly turn into an unforgettable memory.

Walking and cycling routes lead through farmland and forests, along beautiful lakes and to enchanted ruined castles that tell stories as old as time. Over 800 km (500 mi) of walking and cycling routes are prepared just for outdoor enthusiasts to explore the country in all tranquillity.

Walking the Country

The walking paths in Scotland are as diverse as the weather. The great network offers the right route for everyone. Choose between long-distance walks through the Scottish Highlands, climb one of the alpine Munros, stroll along the great lochside and simply enjoy the landscape. Some of the routes will get the adrenalin pumping and others are best to be enjoyed with the whole family. If you are not sure yet what’s the best choice for you, set up your base camp in Scotland’s Outdoor Capital, Fort William. There, you are offered a variety of exciting adventures.
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Hiking in Scotland

In Scotland, the hiking possibilities are endless. Due to the unique geography of the country, there are many ...

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Cycling through the Highlands

Matching to Scotland’s environment-friendly spirit, the network of cycle paths encourages you to explore the country on two wheels. With about 3,700 km (2,300 mi) of National Cycle Network routes, it could not be easier; especially because you can rent a bike at many shops across the country. Follow extravagant paths over old railways or speed downhill on one of the many mountain bike tracks. 

Winter Sports

The five ski resorts of Scotland are perfect for outdoor skiing and snowboarding in the whole of the UK. The mountains of the Highlands and Aberdeenshire are easily accessible for anyone starting from Scotland’s cities. Both beginners and experts will enjoy the snowy slopes and the crisp clear air. 

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