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  • Bucegi Massif
    Bucegi Massif Photo: Sorinmountains, CC BY-ND,
  • Lacul Poiana Ruscă
    Lacul Poiana Ruscă Photo: CC BY-SA, Digital Travel Guide S.R.L.
  • Peleș Castle in the spring
    Peleș Castle in the spring Photo: Majkl Velner, CC BY, Unsplash


Discover all the unforgettable places in Romania in all its splendor! This emerging tourist destination welcomes you with breathtaking landscapes, the rich canals of the Danube Delta, the challenging ridges of the Carpathian Mountains, plus virgin forests, nature reserves, caves, or spas to recharge your batteries on weekends or during your entire holiday. Add to that the cultural, historical, and religious richness of the country, its wooden churches, monasteries, fortresses, and ruins, some of them on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
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Attractions in Romania


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Seaside Resort · Dobrogea
Gura Portiței

Gura Portiței (Portița) este una dintre cele mai retrase și liniștite destinații turistice de pe ...

from Sînziana Mihalache,   Outdooractive Editors
Nature Reserve · Dobrogea
Capul Doloșman

Capul Doloșman de lângă Jurilovca reprezintă o extremitate stâncoasă care se termină în mare, ...

from Sînziana Mihalache,   Outdooractive Editors

Una din cele mai îndrăgite destinații turistice din Constanța atunci când ești în vacanță cu copiii ...

from Sînziana Mihalache,   Outdooractive Editors
Campsite · Muntenia
Valea Doftanei Glamping
from RON322.00

Departe de polul turistic din această regiune atât de populară printre locuitorii Bucureștiului, respectiv mai aproape de spiritul autentic al zonei, ...

from Sînziana Mihalache,   Outdooractive Editors
Viewpoint · Transylvania
Amfiteatrul Transilvania

Loc multifuncțional - spațiu de cazare, restaurant, spațiu de evenimente, punct de relaxare și ...

from Sînziana Mihalache,   Outdooractive Editors
High Ropes Course · Oltenia
Via ferrata + hamace între stânci

Cunoscut ca ”La hamace între stânci”, proiectul celor de la White Wolf Club propune o activitate ...

from Sînziana Mihalache,   Outdooractive Editors
Waterfall · Crișana
Cascadele de pe Valea Iadului

Pe Valea Iadului până și cei mai puțin antrenați călători, însă cu dor de peisaje sălbatice, pot ...

from Sînziana Mihalache,   Outdooractive Editors
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Maps and trails
In Romania you can easily find both popular tourist destinations and quiet, uncrowded areas. Beyond the popular tourist destinations in Romania that every source lists, there are plenty of other unmissable places, some of them known only to locals, that every travel lover should know about.

Plan your next adventure in Romania

Don't know what to see in Romania or how to start planning a trip? Let's start from the capital, Bucharest. Admire at ease the all-surrounding contrasts of this urban and cultural center - from diverse architectural styles to the mixture of nations and cultures.

Don't ignore the surroundings; you'll be surprised at all the variety of tourist attractions within just an hour's drive from the Capital. 

Then, hop on a car or train and head towards the vineyards in Moldova to enjoy the local wine varieties. Even if you don't visit in the grape harvesting season, the cellars surely store in plenty of wine and the locals will be kind enough to open a bottle for you.

From here, hitchhike to the monasteries in northern Bukovina, a cradle of Christian Orthodox spirituality. Breathe in the surrounding calmness and admire the famous Last Judgment, painted on one of the walls of Voroneț Monastery, or enjoy the visual contrast that the red geraniums make on the white walls of Agapia Monastery.

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The churches in northern Moldavia, which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, have unique murals inspired by Byzantine art and are well preserved. They were built from the end of the 15th to the end of ...


By dully following the Transrarău road, you quickly reach the popular and touristic region of Maramureș. You might find it slightly overcrowded with tourists, but for a fair reason: aside from the many places that are worth seeing, here you will find one of the few areas in Romania where people still go to church in traditional costumes.

Then, get on the train and head to Szeklerland in the northwest of Transylvania to admire the clean and ordered Hungarian villages. The hospitality of the locals is just delightful.

Slowly make your way to the luring hills of the center of Romania, and stop in the Saxon villages of Transylvania. Here, you will probably eat the best "balmoş". On your way to Crișana, visit the Dacian fortresses. This is the place where the history of the local population started and where the Dacians, the ancestors of the Romanians, faced the Romans.

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The fortified complex, commonly known as the Dacian Fortresses of the Orăștie Mountains, is located in the central and western sector of the geographical unit with the same name, concentrated around ...


Now that your batteries are recharged, find your way to the place where the Danube joins the Romanian territory to start its smooth flow towards the Danube Delta. Following the watercourse is rewarding, and we recommend making short pitstops at the manors in Oltenia to understand the history of the local boyar families.

At the end of the day, enjoy a fish soup while admiring a fairytale sunset on one of the channels of the Danube Delta.

Visiting this surprising country comes with a lot of unexpected adventures, and this is only an idea of what you could do and see in Romania. So start planning your trip today!

The best places in Romania

When planning your next weekend or your next vacation in Romania, probably the best option is to have a balance between a few tourist attractions and a selection of outdoor activities. Find out as much as possible about the area you are heading to, from general information to practical details and route suggestions for different activities.

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What a great day trip and great photos that inspire you to go hiking!
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