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Berries good, all good - CO2-neutral walk in the north of Munich!

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  • Photo: Sophie Zorn, Fakultät für Tourismus - Hochschule München - Digitales Marketing & Management

Let's safe the Climate with a walk with the culinary berry tour: a CO2-neutral walk through the most beautiful corners of the north of Munich!

Distance 13.5 km
3:00 h
61 m
54 m
526 m
488 m

A hike through the beautiful north of Munich and while you're at it do something good for the environment? Then our tour is just the right thing for you!

Our 3-hour tour leads through quiet forests, past beautiful lakes and wide fields. You think that's not possible in the big city of Munich?

Try our tour and see for yourself!

The special highlight: a colorful selection of fresh berries awaits you. Let yourself be inspired by our recipes, there is definitely something for you!

Escape the city life and give something back to nature.

By traveling by the CO2-saving subway/tram, which are powered by green electricity, the short detour to the organic store and the stop at the berry café, where you can pick berries yourself and thus eat regional fruit / regional products, together all these opportunities provided will reduce the CO2 to a minimum and thereby promote the best possible CO2 neutrality.

Author’s recommendation

You don't know what to do with the picked berries? Take a look here:

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3. strawberry yoghurt

4. porridge with berries

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Sophie Zorn
Update: March 22, 2023
Highest point
526 m
Lowest point
488 m
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Rest stops

Johanneskirchen Adventure field, Berry café & Corn labyrinth

Safety information

ATTENTION: please DO NOT pick and consume wild berries along the way! The aim of the tour is to leave nature untouched. 


Trail Viewpoint:

Seasonal weather events or forest maintenance work may cause damage, obstructions and/or trail obstructions due to e.g. fallen branches. Therefore, please wear hiking shoes appropriate for the trail, which will give you sufficient grip even on uneven and steep or rocky paths.

Especially in autumn, be aware that leaves lying on the ground can hide possible bumps, roots, stones or holes in the path and it could become particularly slippery.

If you have a stroller with you it must be terrain resistant as obstacles can occur. Please be sure to always watch out for bumps here that could lead to the risk of injury.


Feringa Lake Stay:

The use of the terrain as well as bathing is at your own risk. For non-swimmers there is danger to life due to the depth of the water. Therefore, please be extra careful and watch your children/dogs as this area has no safety barriers or bathing supervision.

Due to cercariae in the water, skin redness or itching may occur, accordingly bathing is at your own risk. (see sign at the entrance from the Landratsamt Munich).

If you decide to hike this route in winter we would like to point out that the paths in the recreation area around the Feringasee are not cleared and not gritted. Please be aware of the risk of slipping and injury.

Tips and hints


More info about Bio&Regional Markt Freimann: organic, regional, fresh - food from Bavaria

More information about Memorial to the Isardüker Disaster: Memorial stone for the victims of the rafting accident of May 21, 1907

More information about Poschinger Weiher: Leisure / Sports - Bathing lakes - Unterföhringer Lake

More info about Feringasee & events: Leisure / sports - Bathing lakes - Feringasee & events at Feringasee.

More information about Johanneskirchen BeerenCafé: Pick your own berries and vegetables

More information about Wildkreuter and Beren - KOSMOS


More information about CO2-saving travel with the MVG: SWM Sustainability Report 2020

                                                                                                            Climate protection starts with the means of transport


Subway stop Freimann in München, Bayern (512 m)
48.191551, 11.614204
48°11'29.6"N 11°36'51.1"E
32U 694277 5340895
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Streetcar station Regina-Ullmann-Strasse

Turn-by-turn directions

The tour begins at the Freimann subway station, which can be reached comfortably and climate neutrally with the U6. Whether stroller, e-bike or heavy backpack, by elevator you can easily cross the transition bridge, in the direction of travel on the left side. Once there, follow Zinnienstraße, underpassing an underpass, for about 220m until you turn left into Situlistraße. Cross the traffic light, which is on the left side, and walk along Freisinger Landstraße for about 30m. After a total of 230m you will reach the first POI "Bio&Regional Markt Freimann" on the right side. After a short refreshment stop, continue to stay on the right side and follow Freisinger Landstraße further east until you reach Floriansmühlstraße. In about 150m you turn right into Floriansmühlstraße, where you can see the Garchinger Mühlbach flowing through on both sides after about 90m. Follow the Floriansmühlstraße for about 270m until you reach a crossing. Here you cross the street carefully and keep to the right until you turn into Sondermeierstraße. Keep to the right and follow Sondermeierstraße along the residential buildings for 800m. At the right turn into Am Blütenring Straße, turn left and continue to follow Sondermeierstraße for 10m. When you reach the forest road, you will see a green triangular traffic sign with a landscape protection area, at which you turn right into the trail. Follow the trail for a total of about 200m and keep left. Continue walking south until the trail splits, then turn left and follow the trail until you see the Schwabinger Bach. At the end of the path, cross a wooden bridge that leads over the Schwabinger Bach and keep straight ahead. Here you should cross the paved foot- u. Fahrradweg, on which you then turn left and follow for 1.4 kilometers. You can also take a short break, as you will pass several benches. After a while you cross a small bridge until you can see the Isar river on your left. After about 60m you will reach the second POI "Memorial stone for the victims of the rafting accident". Keep heading southeast for 130m and cross the bridge Isarsteg Unterföhring. Turn briefly right for about 10m and then left. Follow the trail on the right up the hill for 280m. Halfway up the hill you will have to take the left trail, which is again steep. Here you will reach another fork where you turn sharp right. In about 160m you will reach the POI "Aussichtspunkt am Poschinger Weiher". You are welcome to stop here for a first small picnic.

To reach the next destination, the Poschinger Weiher, hike back down the path, before the sharp right turn from the ascent. From the viewpoint, walk straight for 250m and turn right onto a trail. This runs diagonally down the hill for 120m. Here it would be important to follow the safety instructions to the "trailhead lookout" of the Outdooractive site, for a safe descent. Keep heading south for another 150m until you come out directly at the road Poschinger Weiher and can turn right in 50m into the entrance area of the POI "Poschinger Weiher".

After leaving Poschinger Weiher turn into the street Poschinger Weiher and follow it for 350m. At the end of the street Poschinger Weiher cross Müncher Straße carefully and stay straight ahead. Continue to follow the road to Bauhofstraße/Ismaning for 1 kilometer. Then turn in the direction of Moosbahnbrücke in 30m. Continue to follow the Moosbahnbrücke for 80m, over the Mittlerer Isarkanal, until in 10m you turn right into Birkenhofstraße. After about 10m turn sharply to the right, you will see a large white building when you turn off. Follow the road for 600m until you reach the entrance of the POI "Feringasee''. Here we refer again to the safety instructions "Feringasee Aufenthalt" of the Outdooraktive site regarding the bathing experience and the risk of injury for children. After 40m you are standing directly in front of the Feringasee, where you are welcome to have a picnic with climate-neutral products from home or from the organic food store. Well refreshed after a big breather, you continue for 650m along the Feringasee (Gleißach). - FYI: If you ever need a restroom option you can use it next to the snack bar at the FKK -. Follow the path southwest for 180m and then turn sharp right in 100m direction Unterer Aschheimer Weg. Then turn right into Unterer Aschheimer Weg for 20m and turn right again for 600m. You will pass a small crossroads where you continue straight ahead until you turn left into Etzweg in 600m. Follow this for 300m until you see an underpass on the right side, through which you then cross the Dieselstraße to turn right again in 10m into the Etzweg. Stay on Etzweg for 550m until you turn slightly left towards Ismaninger Weg. In 140m turn right into Ismaninger Weg and pass under a small bridge. Follow Ismaninger Weg then for 60m transitioning into Gleißenbachstraße, which you follow for another 80m. Stay on Gleißenbachstraße for 620m until you see the St. Johann Baptist Church on your left, which you pass in the direction of Johanneskirchner Straße. Change sides of the road and turn left into Wacholderweg. Take a short break at Huuezziplatz to sit down and relax a bit. Follow Juniperweg for 190m and continue on the path towards Rambaldistraße for 200m. Then turn slightly right into Savitsstraße for 400m. At the end of Savitsstraße you will reach the flower field (to pick your own flowers) where you cross Stegmühlstraße and arrive at the POI "Johanneskirchen Erlebnisfeld, BeerenCafé & Maislabyrinth".

After a delicious visit to the restaurant and the picking experience, the tour is now coming to an end. You now leave the BeerenCafé and walk north to Stegmühlstraße for 30m. When you reach the street, change sides and turn left towards Stegmühlstraße for 400m. You pass a bridge and then arrive at a crossroads. There you turn right into Freischützstraße and cross a traffic light. After 20m turn right into a park. You then follow the Tramelpfad in a northwesterly direction for 150m and then turn right. Here you should pass the playground Fideliopark, where you are welcome to linger with your children. After about 60m turn left and again after 60m turn left. After 40m follow the road northwest to Auf der Hohlzunge and follow it for another 100m. Then turn right after 200m into Ringofenweg. Keep straight on Ringofenweg for 200m until you reach Johanneskirchner Straße. Follow Johanneskirchner Straße west towards Fürkhofstraße. After 400m turn right at the traffic light into Cosimastraße and after 90m you will reach the stop Regina-Ullmann-Straße, the final stop of the climate neutral Stadt&Seen hike with berry enjoyment in the district of Unterföhring.

Public transport


You can reach the starting point Freimann stop at any time with the subway (U6) every 10 minutes. For residents in Unterföhring there would even be the possibility to arrive with a bike or scooter.

By road

Public transport link: MVV Munich

  • By public transport to Freimann with the U6 direction Forschungszentrum Garching from Harras or Hauptbahnhof possible, no matter where you come from!!!
  • If you are nearby you are welcome to go by bicycle or on foot.
  • Bicycle or scooter easy to rent with the MVG APP, if no bicycle available


Give your car a little rest too and leave it at home. In doing so, you take another step towards CO2 neutrality.


48.191551, 11.614204
48°11'29.6"N 11°36'51.1"E
32U 694277 5340895
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Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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  • Your own clothing depending on the weather (e.g. rain jacket). However, always wear appropriate, functional clothing that protects you from the cold and wet or heat and sun. Nevertheless, (old) clothes are completely sufficient, since completely in the sense of the CO2 neutrality old clothes can be recycled for a nature hike!
  • Sturdy shoes (even sneakers are sufficient)Take enough liquid with you on the hike.
  • Sunscreen for skin and head is the essential companion on summer hikes.
  • Reusable sealable container for the collected berries. A cell phone for emergencies additionally does not hurt!

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61 m
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Highest point
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