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The Lake Maggiore and Valleys region is an extremely rich tourist destination. Its small area is home to countless features: from the mountain setting of our picturesque valleys, made accessible by over 1,400 km of paths, to lively urban centres with high-quality cultural activities, from the quiet shores of the lake to the busy riverbanks, as well as the various events that mark the region’s calendar, not to mention the rich gastronomic and cultural offering and the wide range of opportunities for enjoying sports and other outdoor activities.

Our regional tourism organisation is a public-law association and its activities are governed by the Canton of Ticino’s laws on tourism. Its mission is to foster the development and promotion of tourism in our beautiful region, in collaboration with institutional and private partners.

We are known as Ascona-Locarno Tourism, but the institutional name of our public-law association is Organizzazione turistica Lago Maggiore e Valli (OTLMV - Lake Maggiore and Valleys Tourism Organisation).

The OTLMV area corresponds to that of the Ente Regionale per lo Sviluppo del Locarnese e Vallemaggia (ERS-LVM Regional Authority for the Development of Locarno and the Vallemaggia), located around the Locarno agglomeration as identified by the Master Plan.

The OTLMV is based in Locarno.

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Alpe Masnee


  • Cardada
    Photo: Alessio Pizzicannella, Organizzazione turistica Lago Maggiore e Valli
  • Alpe Masnee
    Photo: Ascona-Locarno Tourism
  • Photo: Alessio Pizzicannella, Ascona-Locarno Tourism
  • Mognola Rock Climbing
    Photo: Lukino Ramelli
  • Foroglio
    Photo: Alessio Pizzicannella, Ascona-Locarno Tourism
  • Pizzo Leone
    Photo: Alessio Pizzicannella, Ascona-Locarno Tourism


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