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  • Comana Natural Park at dusk
    Comana Natural Park at dusk Photo: Mihai Strompl, CC0, Unsplash
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    Let's ride! Photo: Răzvan Mirel, CC0, Unsplash

Comana Natural Park

Comana Natural Park is probably the nearest place to Bucharest for a getaway where you can also explore some outdoor activities. The protected area includes both a forest area and a marshland. This makes it ideal for various outdoor activities with the family, in a group, as a couple, or even solo. The Comana pond and the nearby swampy area (with the canals that open through the reeds) is also called the Neajlov Delta and is a hotspot for water sports lovers.

Year of establishment: 2005
Area: 249.61 km²
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Activities in Comana Natural Park

Attractions in Comana Natural Park


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Maps and trails
Leisure Park · Muntenia
Comana Adventure Park

Comana Adventure Park is located inside the Comana Nature Park, circa 35 kilometers from Bucharest. ...

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Monastery · Muntenia
Comana Monastery

The Comana Monastery is an important tourist attraction near the Comana Natural Park. Those who go ...

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Atelierul-muzeu „Moara de hârtie” este un loc de basm în apropiere de București care își propune ...

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Maps and trails

The park is a special conservation area with a protection regime for several species of spontaneous flora ( butcher's-broom or peonies) and fauna. The park includes the Ologa-Grădinari Forest and Padina Tătarului Forest reservations.

Until a few years ago, many cross-country cyclists took to the few unmarked trails around the park, because of their wilderness and the numerous possibilities to observe some plants. The tourist development of the area in recent years has led to the emergence of many other possibilities for recreational activities:

  • themed cycle tours
  • guided walks through the park with the observation of plant species and fauna
  • sports grounds (basketball, football, table tennis tables, badminton area)
  • adventure park (with multiple activity options, separate from those in the large park)
  • kayak rides
  • restaurants
  • birdwatching in specially arranged observation points
  • horse riding
  • one-day camps for schoolchildren (to learn practical wildlife survival activities)
  • creative workshops (at the Paper Mill)

There's not a perfect season to visit the Comana Natural Park. For those passionate about photography or biology, it is recommended to visit with a certified guide for floristic observation purposes.

Balta Comana is the second most important place for biodiversity after the Danube Delta.


Keep noise to a minimum
Stay on the trail
Do not light any fires
Do not disturb animals or damage vegetation
Do not pick flowers
Do not pick mushrooms
Do not remove any rocks or crystals
Do not feed wild animals
Do not litter
Do not inflatables or surfboards
Do not swim in lakes or streams

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