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Hinterriß Brandauwand

Forest Wildlife Refuges were created as part of the DAV campaign "Skibergsteigen Umweltfreundlich" and are based on voluntariness.

Area: 0.67 km²

Access Prohibited

Ski Touring
Access prohibited today

throughout the year for Skiing, Ski Touring, Long Distance Ski Touring and Snowshoe walking

Note: Caution! To protect the forest and its wildlife, this area is a voluntary no-trespassing-zone. This is part of the DAV campaign "Skibergsteigen Umweltfreundlich". Violators may be prosecuted.
Deutscher Alpenverein (DAV)  Verified partner 
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Observe local conservation rules and information
Keep noise to a minimum
Stay on the trail
Do not pick flowers
Do not litter
Keep dogs on a leash
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