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  • Cheile Vârghișului
    Cheile Vârghișului Photo: Sînziana Mihalache, CC BY-SA, Outdooractive Editors
  • Autumn colors in Varghis Gorges
    Autumn colors in Varghis Gorges Photo: Sînziana Mihalache, CC BY, Outdooractive Editors

Transylvania on foot or by bike on an autumn weekend

Transylvania remains a top destination in autumn. It lures you with its endless hills coloured in pastel shades, the welcoming tranquillity of the countryside, the photogenic landscape of mornings when the mist rises unmovingly from the valleys.

Transylvanian towns are among the perfect destinations for a mild autumn, if you prefer the urban environment. Even if it's raining, strolling through the city, stopping at a chic café in the centre of Sibiu, or taking a stroll through the parks of Cluj or the fortress of Alba Iulia is a great way to relax.

Photo: Baciu Cristian Mihai, Unsplash

Places in Transylvania to go in an Indian Summer

On the other hand, Transylvania has an excellent network of hiking and mountain trails ideal for autumn hiking. Beyond the Saxon villages that are just as sought after in autumn as in summer, a foray to the not-so-high ridges of the Călimani Mountains or the mineral water resorts at their foot offers a lesser-promoted view of authentic Transylvania.

Near Cluj-Napoca, along the course of the Someș Cald, it's an opportunity to hike through the Gilău Mountains, with few challenges but superb views. Not many people go here.

In Szeklerland, step confidently into the paradise of autumn colours on the marked trails of the Vârghiș Gorge. And in the Forest Country (Hunedoara), autumn is the perfect time to admire the beautiful forests and hear the stories of the area's glorious mining past from the locals themselves.

Visit Transylvania on bike this autumn!

Don't want to give up cycling yet? Perfect! In the Hârtibaci Plateau and the Târnavelor Plateau - that is the area between Sibiu - Mediaș - Sighișoara - Saschiz - Rupea - Făgăraș - you will find over 500 kilometres of cycle routes between the villages of the Transylvanian region. On two wheels you can discover hidden places in Transylvania, wild nature, welcoming hosts, bike-friendly hostels and landscapes torn from fairy tales. In short, the ideal combination for your autumn adventure, whether you come with family or friends.

In the south-western tip of Transylvania, the Jiu Valley is a special and picturesque autumn destination, but also the place to enjoy some of the most beautiful MTB trails in Romania!

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