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Indian summer in Romania: The most beautiful destinations for idyllic autumn days

The calendar summer is over, in theory. But nature has accustomed us in recent years to fully sunny autumn days with high temperatures that don't let you put your outdoor adventures on hold. In short, Indian summer is a good reason not to put your gear away, but instead to continue planning your holidays in Romania in September-October, with hikes, bike rides, running sessions or mountain tours.


Autumn days, when the forests are decked out in a multicoloured coat and the leaves rustle underfoot, when the morning dew is still on the meadows and the sun is still strong at midday, are also perfect for camping enthusiasts.


We offer you some suggestions of ideal destinations in Romania for the Indian summer, so that you can enjoy every moment outdoors!

Indian Summer in Transylvania

Transylvania remains a top destination in autumn. It lures you with its endless hills coloured in pastel shades, the welcoming tranquillity of the countryside, the photogenic landscape of mornings when the mist rises unmovingly from the valleys.

Sunny autumn days in Muntenia

Preferred by locals in Bucharest for its proximity to the capital, Muntenia can successfully fulfil the role of a successful tourist destination for a weekend or even a stay in the Indian summer months.

Indian Summer in Moldova

Some say that there is no better season than autumn for a holiday in Moldova. You may wonder what there is to see and do in Moldova during the months when summer is still making its presence felt.

A romantic Indian summer in Banat or Crișana

If you've ever toyed with the idea of exploring the Banat beyond Timisoara, but don't know where to start, we've come to your aid with the best places to go this autumn. Indian summer days are also in full swing in Crișana. The caves, glaciers, gorges and waterfalls of the Apuseni Mountains make up a natural landscape that is hard to ignore in the autumn months.

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