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Hiking during pandemic times

Bazna, spre Culmea Chiciura
Wherever you live, you can discover hiking paths close to home. These are a great way to explore new places or rediscover neighborhoods and keep your fitness and mental strength in this difficult and unusual time.
Search for nearby routes using the location function and filter by desired activity.

When planning your next hike, pay attention to the weather. Before you go out, make sure you are prepared for the outside temperature or know if it is going to rain.

For all routes and points of interest on our platform we offer ultra-precise weather information, provided by the professional MetGIS service, both for the current day and the forecast for the next 10 days.

If you live in the city, try urban hiking. This combines outdoor activity with some of the biggest attractions of your city.

Just like on a traditional trip, you have the health benefits of walking - benefits that include increased immune function, counteracting weight gain and decreased joint pain, as evidenced by numerous articles. In addition, you will be able to discover new areas and neighborhoods that in other circumstances you may never have explored.

Whether you want to go hiking on a forest path or choose to go out on the town, make sure you wear the right shoes and that you have water and, depending on the length of the trip, snacks.
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