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Aventura Parc

Adventure Parks

The Adventure Park is an outdoor leisure activity that requires a higher level of physical activity, in a very pleasant way, and allows you to spend time in a lovely manner,  with family and/or friends.
Photo: Adina Wasicsek, Digital Travel Guide S.R.L.

You visited and visit the natural beauties of Romania, you were inspired by the sunrise in the Delta and the sunset in the Carpathian mountains, you saw the fortified churches in Transylvania and the monasteries in Bucovina but for this weekend you want something else. How about exercise and adventure in one of the dedicated parks - maybe you have one right next to your city?


Lately, given the growing number of enthusiasts and the success throughout Europe, parks with fun activities, sports, have multiplied in Romania.


Below we offer a selection of the most interesting adventure parks in our country.

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