• Obârşia Lotrului, Romania
    Obârşia Lotrului, Romania Photo: Stefan Cosma, CC BY, Unsplash
  • Landscape in Neamț County
    Landscape in Neamț County Photo: Dragos Gontariu, CC BY,
  • La drum prin munții României
    La drum prin munții României Photo: Andrei Mike, CC BY, Unsplash
  • Bucegi Massif Photo: Sorinmountains, CC BY-ND,
  • Alone in the mountains in Maramures County Photo: Mihai Lucîț, CC BY-SA, Flickr
  • Semenic Photo: Paul Wasicsek, Outdooractive Editors
  • Muntele Bocului, Valea Ierii, Romania Photo: Lucian Dachman, CC0, Unsplash

Mountaineering in Romania

The Carpathians offer the hiker many travel routes and recreational opportunities. Hiking is probably the most popular activity among nature lovers everywhere. The Romanian Carpathians have a good developed network of hiking trails, some marked and equipped for tourist traffic, others unmarked. In both cases, our digital travel guide will help you.

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Discover the best mountaineering routes in Romania

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June 26, 2020
moderate Stage 1
11.2 km
4:15 h
801 m
431 m
Einsame Wanderung über großzügige Wiesen mit (verfallenen) Almen entlang der gut markierten Transkarpatia
from Gerd Simon,   alpenvereinaktiv Freistadt
June 26, 2020
difficult Stage 2
18.3 km
8:15 h
1496 m
772 m
2. Etappe der Rodnagebirgsüberschreitung auf der Transkarpatia unter "Mitnahme" des höchsten Gipfels der Ostkarpaten, des Vf. Pietrosul (2.303m)
from Gerd Simon,   alpenvereinaktiv Freistadt
June 26, 2020
difficult Stage 4
12.2 km
4:45 h
892 m
873 m
Der 4. Tag der Muntii Rodnei Überschreitung führt immer entlang des Grates auf und ab bis auf den zweithöchsten Gipfel des Massifs, den Inea mit 2 ...
from Gerd Simon,   alpenvereinaktiv Freistadt
June 26, 2020
moderate Stage 3
14 km
4:45 h
610 m
679 m
Tag 3 führt nun ins Hochgebirge auf einen Grat mit wenig Wasser und einigen Schafherden samt (gefährlichen) Hirtenhunden
from Gerd Simon,   alpenvereinaktiv Freistadt
August 14, 2019
moderate open
8.6 km
3:17 h
582 m
368 m
This route helps you to understand more easily the differences between the present and the past environment (approx. 20 million years ago) through ...
from Digital Travel Guide S.R.L.,   RomaniaTravel.Guide
June 26, 2020
easy Stage 5
11 km
3:30 h
13 m
907 m
Vom Ineu gibt ess den direkten Abstieg durch das Lala-Tal zur DN18 oder den Aufstieg zum Ineut und hinunter zum Rotunda-Pass
from Gerd Simon,   alpenvereinaktiv Freistadt
Alpine Routes · Luncoiu de Jos

Wandering to Metaliferi Mountains - Wide stone

March 14, 2020
4 km
1:51 h
446 m
440 m
Metaliferi Mountains are just a group of the Apuseni Mountains and can be recognized by being covered by forests to the top. The whole area they ...
from Adela Bodin,   RomaniaTravel.Guide
March 14, 2020
2.1 km
0:37 h
54 m
54 m
The resort of Geoagiu Băi is a perfect place for who wants to make an escape from the fast rhythm we live in every day. Surrounded by a lot of ...
from Adela Bodin,   RomaniaTravel.Guide
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