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Geilojordet during the winter

Whole Year Walks in Geilo and Fatbike suggestions

Geilo might be known for all the skiing possibilities, but do you want to have a break from the slopes or is the weather not on your side for a cross country tour in the mountains then there are still options to get out and enjoy nature. In this collection you will find tours for walking all year around and fatbike cycling during the winter time. 

There are short family friendly walks and longer walks. All walks can be done all year around, any time of the day and in any weather. Are you walking in the darkness we advise you to use reflex. You can take a headlight, but be surprised about the lights from the stars and moon reflecting in the snow during the winter. Some parts of the walks or ride are on the groomed pedestrian lanes, some parts are on cabin roads with possibilities to meet cars and some parts are on dirt roads which not will be groomed directly after each snow fall.

Do you need to rent a fatbike or are you looking for a guided tour, look up the possibilities on

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recommended route Difficulty easy
Distance 1.4 km
Duration 0:30 h
Ascent 20 m
Descent 12 m

Explore a family-friendly nature trail in the center of Geilo. See some of the wide arcitect highlights in a short walk close by nature.

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recommended route Difficulty easy
Distance 2 km
Duration 0:45 h
Ascent 30 m
Descent 15 m

A short hike in walking distance of Geilo center with nature surrounding you as you where far away from a city. For a quick walk close to the town ...

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Hiking Route · Geilo
Hotel tour Geilo - Whole year
recommended route Difficulty easy
Distance 6.9 km
Duration 2:00 h
Ascent 124 m
Descent 119 m

A whole year walking tour paste the hotels and city center in Geilo with a touch of nature.

from Visit Geilo,   Visit Geilo
recommended route Difficulty easy
Distance 10.9 km
Duration 1:30 h
Ascent 110 m
Descent 108 m

Nice bike tour with the best Geilo city has to offer. Both nature, shopping and culture. And of course you can also choose to walk this route. 

from Visit Geilo,   Visit Geilo

An outdoor adventure experience gallery where you can get to know the Norwegian fairytale people ...

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recommended route Difficulty easy
Distance 5.1 km
Duration 1:25 h
Ascent 92 m
Descent 100 m

Are you not afraid for some up hills and want to leave the hotel and busy city center then this tour os something for you. You will get out and ...

from Visit Geilo,   Visit Geilo
recommended route Difficulty easy
Distance 7.1 km
Duration 1:00 h
Ascent 170 m
Descent 99 m

A bike ride pass the proud iron factories in Geilo. Hol area is known for its craftsmennship of iron work as knivs, axes and scythes.

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