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Walking with Wheels Malvern Hills

These are some of the routes suitable for large off-road mobility scooters such as the Tramper.
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updated on: January 05, 2022
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Map / Worcs. Malverns North Lodge to Bromsberrow Place
Difficulty moderate
Distance 6.7 km
Duration 1:50 h
Ascent 115 m
Descent 116 m

A ramble with great views of the southern Malvern Hills.A much quieter area than the Northern Hills

from John Cuthbertson,   Disabled Ramblers
Difficulty moderate
Distance 9.2 km
Duration 2:11 h
Ascent 174 m
Descent 175 m

A ramble for users of off-road mobility scooters.  Across commons and minor roads. Wide views to the east from near Pink Cottage near the ridge ...

from John Cuthbertson,   Disabled Ramblers
Hiking Route · United Kingdom
Malverns Wyche to Lady de WaldenDrive
Map / Malverns Wyche to Lady de WaldenDrive
Difficulty moderate
Distance 8.5 km
Duration 2:40 h
Ascent 346 m
Descent 349 m

Ascent of Worcestershire Beacon and a circuit of North Hill from The Wyche

from John Cuthbertson,   Disabled Ramblers
recommended route Difficulty difficult
Distance 6.4 km
Duration 1:32 h
Ascent 220 m
Descent 223 m

A ramble for people with off-road mobility scooters. A climb to the highest point on the Malvern Hills. Great views across the Midlands plain to ...

from John Cuthbertson,   Disabled Ramblers
Hiking Route · United Kingdom
Worcestershire, Malverns, Gardener's Quarry
Map / Worcestershire, Malverns, Gardener's Quarry
Difficulty moderate
Distance 7 km
Duration 1:56 h
Ascent 125 m
Descent 125 m

Great views along the spine of the central Malvern Hills.

from John Cuthbertson,   Disabled Ramblers