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Trails in Vingelen National Park Village

If you want to a taste of Forollhogna, head to the peaceful village of Vingelen for a relaxing couple of days.

The easiest way to experience Vingelen and the surrounding adventures is to drive directly to Vingelen or jump on the Røros railway and pick up a rental car in Tynset or Røros.

For some authentic Norwegian cosiness, book in at the small guesthouse Vingelsgaard Gjestgiveri. Homemade meals based on local produce is a key part of the experience at Vingelsgaard and both breakfast and dinner are served.

To try some more local food head out to Eggen Gardsysteri, a dairy farm open for sales in the summer. Try the Fjellblå blue cheese which was awarded a gold medal at the World Cheese Awards in London in 2017.

With some delicious cheese in hand, along with some supplies from the local grocery store, head out on one of the recommended nearby hikes, or find an adventure taking you deeper into the valleys with mountain farms and great viewpoints.

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Forollhogna nasjonalpark

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Hiking Route
3.5 km
2:00 h
90 m
11 m

Enjoy an easy walk with lovely views

Forollhogna nasjonalpark
Hiking Route
2.9 km
2:30 h
250 m
0 m

Take in the view over Vingelen village

Forollhogna nasjonalpark
3 km
1:00 h
100 m
49 m

Hike through the idyllic national park village

Forollhogna nasjonalpark