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L'Ardèche à vélo

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35.7 km
2:30 h
506 m
503 m

A bike tour to discover the pretty villages of Vinezac, Chassiers and AIlhon.

from Nathalie Sisteron,   Ardèche Tourisme
S3 difficult
127.7 km
11:30 h
3,655 m
2,491 m

La Grande Traversée de l'Ardèche à VTT vous offre du nord au sud, d'Annonay à Bourg-Saint-Andéol un parcours de plus de 315 km avec un dénivelé ...

from Nathalie Sisteron,   Ardèche Tourisme
Bike Riding · Ardèche
La Payre, the Ardèche green way
19.8 km
2:00 h
213 m
11 m

La Payre, the Ardèche green wayA 20-km valley between Le Pouzin (ViaRhôna) and Privas to be enjoyed on foot, by bike or on roller-skates - it's up ...

from Nathalie Sisteron,   Ardèche Tourisme
332.7 km
28:22 h
6,340 m
6,355 m

This rugged massif where thunder sometimes roars gave its name to this magnificent route, featuring some wonderful passes, such as the Croix de ...

Ardèche Tourisme
623.9 km
51:28 h
10,775 m
10,855 m

The longest circuit on the "Routes of the Ardéchoise" has the good taste to take in the neighbouring regions of Gard, Lozère and Haute-Loire to ...

Ardèche Tourisme
577.6 km
50:41 h
10,815 m
10,930 m

Named after the chestnut - the signature fruit of the area – the circuit passes through the heart of Ardèche, including Privas, the capital of ...

Ardèche Tourisme
Hiking Route · Ardèche
The Blue Trail
Map / The Blue Trail
12.1 km
1:30 h
62 m
50 m

This 12km trail for walkers and cyclists runs alongside the Rhone between Guilherand-Granges and Châteaubourg.

from Nathalie Sisteron,   Ardèche Tourisme
66.3 km
3:00 h
627 m
348 m

La Dolce Via is a gentle trail in Ardèche taking you all the way to the banks of the RIver Eyrieux and its well-preserved valley. 90 km of safe ...

from Nathalie Sisteron,   Ardèche Tourisme
S3 difficult
103.9 km
19:50 h
2,591 m
1,574 m

from Nathalie Sisteron,   Ardèche Tourisme
Map / Via Ardèche: from Vogüé to Grospierres
22 km
2:30 h
46 m
74 m

A safe 22km trail for pedestrians, joggers, cyclists, roller-skaters and people with reduced mobility. Views of the Sampzon Rock and the confluence ...

from Nathalie Sisteron,   Ardèche Tourisme