Cycling by Lake Saimaa

Kesä-Suomen pyöräilyhelmet

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Bike Riding · South Karelia

Iron Curtain Trail from Imatra to Parikkala

July 03, 2018
moderate Multistage route
175.4 km
14:00 h
879 m
878 m
The Iron Curtain Trail from Imatra to Parikkala is part of a Europe-wide bicycle route.
from Etelä-Karjalan pyöräilyn teemareittihanke 2018 / Karttatyö FCG,   Etelä-Karjalan virkistysaluesäätiö
Bike Riding · South Karelia

Saimaa Archipelago Route

July 03, 2018
difficult Multistage route
158.9 km
15:00 h
578 m
590 m
Saimaa Archipelago Route takes you to the lake sceneries. Lake Saimaa and it´s waterways river Vuoksi and Saimaa Canal are the highlights, as well ...
Etelä-Karjalan virkistysaluesäätiö
Bicycle Touring · Finnish Archipelago

The Archipelago Trail

September 11, 2019
moderate Multistage route open
231.9 km
17:04 h
564 m
546 m
The Archipelago Trail is the perfect way to explore the idyllic Finnish Archipelago and coastline. Travel by car, bus, bike, motorbike or walk – ...
from James Simpson,   st-olav-waterway-tourenerfassung
April 27, 2020
moderate Multistage route
202.3 km
14:15 h
915 m
930 m
Experience the beautiful landscape of Saimaa, its lakes and islands by cycling. See the historical cultural landscape, visit geosites and enjoy ...
from Tiina Kattilamäki,   saimaa-geopark-tourenerfassung
August 13, 2016
moderate Multistage route
314.5 km
24:00 h
1586 m
1576 m
The bicycle tour in the cultural landscape of Lake Lohja will take you on an amazing adventure. Lake Lohja is the largest lake in southern Finland.
from Pirjo Räsänen,   Ellare Oy
August 13, 2016
easy Multistage route
159.7 km
52:00 h
476 m
463 m
This captivating cycling route is full of history and reveals you the lively urban Metropolitan area,  the seaside landscapes and nature as well ...
from Pirjo Räsänen,   Ellare Oy
Bicycle Touring · Archipelago

The Small Archipelago Trail

February 12, 2020
moderate open
123.4 km
10:00 h
486 m
486 m
The Small Archipelago Trail is an unique opportunity to discover the picturesque Turku archipelago. Cycle through wonderful Baltic Sea landscapes ...
from st-olav-waterway-tourenerfassung,   st-olav-waterway-tourenerfassung
Bicycle Touring · Lakeland

Great Saimaa Tour

September 19, 2016
696.2 km
50:14 h
3849 m
3804 m
Great Saimaa Tour is the queen of cycling routes that every bicycle traveler must try. The route circulates through the national landscapes of ...
from Pirjo Räsänen,   Ellare Oy
Bike Riding · Kanta-Häme

Häme Ox Road's surroundings, Häme

August 13, 2016
446.5 km
23:30 h
1429 m
1426 m
The historical cultural landscapes of Häme Ox Road with small villages along the road attract to take a break to enjoy these marvellous surroundings.
from Pirjo Räsänen,   Ellare Oy