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Wandern für Langschläfer im Oberallgäu

Hiking in Oberallgaeu for late risers

You can imagine the scenario: After a long work week, you just want to sleep in. And by the time you have finally finished breakfast, it is already noon. Here are a couple of shorter/half-day tours. 
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recommended route Difficulty easy
Distance 10.6 km
Duration 3:13 h
Ascent 198 m
Descent 198 m

Aussichtsreichte Rundtour

from Heike Plangger,   Community
Hiking Route · Jungholz
Reuter Wanne
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 9 km
Duration 4:30 h
Ascent 460 m
Descent 460 m

A panoramic tour from the district of Langenschwand along the panorama path to Reuter Wanne.

from Michael Keller,   Tannheimer Tal
Hiking Route · Allgäu
recommended route Difficulty difficult
Distance 7.6 km
Duration 3:45 h
Ascent 671 m
Descent 671 m

This tour takes us first past the Polite café through the Hirschbach ravine. Then we hike up the Kräherwand to the Hirschberg, before we hike back ...

from Jana Bohlmann,   Outdooractive Editors
Premium content Difficulty moderate
Distance 4.4 km
Duration 3:15 h
Ascent 628 m
Descent 628 m

The more rewarding peak on the Grünten is not the Grünten, but the Burgberger Hörnle. However, there is no easy way to the summit – that is why the ...

from Hartmut Wimmer,   Outdooractive Premium
Mountain Hike · Allgaeu Alps
On top of Grünten
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 8.1 km
Duration 5:00 h
Ascent 807 m
Descent 805 m

Beeindruckende Gipfeltour mit herrlicher Aussicht.

from Wolfgang Schulz,
Hiking Route · Allgäu
Across the Sonnenköpfe
Premium content Difficulty moderate
Distance 10.3 km
Duration 4:00 h
Ascent 836 m
Descent 836 m

This beautiful panoramic trail leads across the peaks of the mountains Sonnenkopf, Heidelbeerkopf and Schnippenkopf.

from Hartmut Wimmer,   Outdooractive Premium