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Green Laning & Offroading

A collection of green lane runs and 4x4/Offroading POI's (all legal)
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updated on: November 16, 2021
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Offroad · Breckland
Brecklands & Kings Forest
recommended route Difficulty easy
Distance 79.4 km
Duration 5:30 h
Ascent 231 m
Descent 185 m

A relatively easy going 50 mile green lane run around the areas of Thetford Forest and Kings Forest. 

from Ross Spencer,   Gizmo Events
Offroad · West Suffolk
Kings Forest from Ramparts Field
recommended route Difficulty easy
Distance 46.9 km
Duration 4:30 h
Ascent 145 m
Descent 142 m

A 30 mile/50Km run around the Kings Forest, Elvedon & Euston areas of The Brecks.NOTE: A section of this route has a seasonal TRO in place between ...

from Ross Spencer,   Gizmo Events