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Genussradfahren zwischen Bostalsee und Nationalpark

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Bike Riding · Hunsrueck
RadLust-Schleife HimmelReich
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 43.4 km
Duration 3:35 h
Ascent 806 m
Descent 835 m

Sporty round tour through picturesque valleys up to the Hunsrück heights with great views. 2000 years of history along the way are waiting to be ...

from Sandra Wenz,   Birkenfelder Land
Bike Riding · Hunsrück-Hochwald
RadLust-Schleife WasserTräume
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 30.2 km
Duration 2:20 h
Ascent 321 m
Descent 321 m

Nature enjoyment tour with rail connection. Up to the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park and along the Traunbach back to the Nahe Valley.

from Sandra Wenz,   Birkenfelder Land
Bicycle Touring · Nahe
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 134.5 km
Duration 7:30 h
Ascent 400 m
Descent 787 m

The 135 km long Nahe Cycle Route is one of the seven premium routes in Rhineland-Palatinate and runs along the entire length of the Nahe River.

from Naheland-Touristik GmbH,   Urlaubsregion Naheland
Bike Riding · Premium-Wanderregion Saar-Hunsrück
RadLust-Schleife EisenMacher
recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 25.9 km
Duration 1:55 h
Ascent 273 m
Descent 273 m

Intermediate route to places steeped in history around Birkenfeld, past the historic ironworks in Adventure and a stop at the Sauerbrunnen in ...

from Sandra Wenz,   Birkenfelder Land