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recommended route Difficulty moderate
Distance 28.3 km
Duration 7:05 h
Ascent 63 m
Descent 62 m

Die Strecke beginnt am Musical-Dom und führt über die Mediacity am Rhein entlang bis nach Niehl und zurück auf der "scheel Sick" bis nach Deutz.

from Lutz Müller,   Stadtspiele Verlag
Hiking Route · United Kingdom
Wimpole Hall walk
Difficulty easy
Distance 6 km
Duration 1:43 h
Ascent 77 m
Descent 77 m

A walk through Wimpole Hall Park to the lakes and the folly, returning to the car park via the shelter belt with wide views towards Cambridge and ...

from Anonymous Roamer,   Community
Hiking Route · United Kingdom
Tuddenham Countryside walk
Difficulty easy
Distance 6.5 km
Duration 1:54 h
Ascent 19 m
Descent 17 m

A very flat but rather beautiful walk from Tuddenham, up to the edge of Herringswell and back round.

from Nina Beadle,   Community
Bike Riding · Germany
Friedhof Ohlsdorf
Difficulty easy
Distance 24.6 km
Duration 1:40 h
Ascent 28 m
Descent 28 m

Sehr schöne Tour zum Friedhof Ohlsdorf und dem Hamburger Stadtpark.

from Jörn Jung,   Community
Hiking Route · United Kingdom
St Ives to Swavesey via Fen Drayton reserves
recommended route Difficulty easy
Distance 7.9 km
Duration 1:55 h
Ascent 6 m
Descent 8 m

A riverside walk making use of the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway, visiting the Fen Drayton bird reserves.

from Mike Brocklehurst,   Community
Hiking Route · United Kingdom
The Clopton Way
Difficulty easy
Distance 17.8 km
Duration 4:23 h
Ascent 64 m
Descent 46 m

This walk offers commanding views over much of south-west Cambridgeshire, as it follows the top of an escarpment. The walk passes through the ...

from Cambridgeshire County Council,   Cambridgeshire County Council
Hiking Route · United Kingdom
Milton Country Park circuit
Difficulty easy
Distance 2.8 km
Duration 0:59 h
Ascent 12 m
Descent 12 m

Milton Country Park includes a Visitor Centre with café, play-areas, viewing platforms, a sensory garden and sunclock.

from Craig Wareham,   Community
Hiking Route · United Kingdom
Grantchester, Cambridgeshire
Difficulty easy
Distance 7.2 km
Duration 2:28 h
Ascent 17 m
Descent 17 m

Follow in the footsteps of countless fine literary minds on a stroll along the River Cam in Cambridgeshire.Distance 5 miles (8 km) Type EasyTime 3 ...

from BBC Countryfile Magazine,   BBC Countryfile Magazine
Hiking Route · United Kingdom
Ouse Valley, Cambridgeshire
Difficulty easy
Distance 9.6 km
Duration 2:18 h
Ascent 12 m
Descent 14 m

Stunning fenland scenery, winter wildfowl and a haunted pub - the perfect ingredients for a winter stroll.Distance 6½ miles (10½ km)Type EasyTime ...

from BBC Countryfile Magazine,   BBC Countryfile Magazine
Mountain Biking · France
Difficulty difficult
Distance 37.3 km
Duration 3:21 h
Ascent 364 m
Descent 368 m

Parcours 35 km

from Jerome P,   Community
Hiking Route · United Kingdom
To The White Horse
Map / To The White Horse
Distance 1 km
Duration 0:15 h
Ascent 0 m
Descent 3 m

A beautiful walk from St John's innovation Centre to The White Horse pub

from Simone Masiero,   Community
Hiking Route · Aquitaine
Verdelais boucle du calvaire
Difficulty easy
Distance 3.6 km
Duration 1:47 h
Ascent 86 m
Descent 87 m

Une courte balade de 3,5 kms mais chargée d'histoire. Une basilique et sa magnifique place foulée par des milliers de pélerins depuis le Moyen-Age ...

from Réseau SIRTAQUI,   Réseau SirtAqui
Hiking Route · United Kingdom
ViewRanger HO Pub Walk
Difficulty moderate
Distance 6.3 km
Duration 1:31 h
Ascent 5 m
Descent 9 m

Alongside the river Cam into Milton with a traditional pub at the end.

from Russ Cox,   _ex_team_members
Hiking Route · Aquitaine
Boucle de l'étang de Caumont
Difficulty moderate
Distance 7.7 km
Duration 1:58 h
Ascent 74 m
Descent 77 m

Découvrez tout le charme caché de l'étang de Caumont. Randonnée parcourant le vignoble, les forêts et les vallons.

from Réseau SIRTAQUI,   Réseau SirtAqui
Hiking Route · United Kingdom
ViewRanger to Tesco
Difficulty easy
Distance 0.5 km
Duration 0:07 h
Ascent 2 m
Descent 3 m

This route starts at the ViewRanger office, guides you towards some really nice spots nearby and ends at the Tesco building where you can get some ...

from Florian6 Fährtenleser,   Community