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CAR22 - Carpathian Arch Race 2022

“Carpathian Arch Race” road race named #CAR it is an adventure bike race starting from the city of Cluj – Napoca, Romania, following the Carpathian Mountains with 10 fixed checking segments.
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Road Cycling · Transylvania
CAR22_CA01_start line
Distance 111.9 km
Duration 10:55 h
Ascent 1,470 m
Descent 1,092 m

Cluj-Napoca, commonly known as Cluj, is the fourth most populous city in Romania and the seat of Cluj County in the northwestern part of the country. 

from Cristian Airinei,   Da, si eu pot
Road Cycling · Banat
CAR22_CS02_Saca - Orsova
Distance 132.6 km
Duration 9:15 h
Ascent 1,257 m
Descent 1,330 m

Cazanele Dunarii - Danube gorge

from Cristian Airinei,   Da, si eu pot