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Best Walking Festivals for 2023

 The UK has a rich tradition of walking festivals, each including a wide variety of walks. Many are guided by a person with a love of walking and a passion for wildlife, local history or traditions.

Walk the route - To enable more people to discover different parts of the country and to give a taster of local walking festivals, organisers from some of the UK’s most popular walking festivals have selected their favourite walks from previous events to share with you. These walks are now available in the Outdooractive app to enjoy as self-guided routes.

Following the routes via the basic version of the app is free but if you want to see the routes on fully featured Ordnance Survey maps you may wish to upgrade to Outdooractive Pro. 

If you are a festival organiser and would like your festival to be featured or need help putting the digital walks on your website, do get in contact.

Join the event - See the events pages below to find out more about what is happening this year and to plan some outdoor adventures of your own.

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Festivals · Central England and the Midlands
The Shropshire Way 80k
Event Organizer: The Shropshire Way 80k | Source: The Shropshire Way 80k
Festivals · South Wales
Chepstow Walking Festival
4/12 – 4/16
Event Organizer: Chepstow Walking Festival | Source: Chepstow Walking Festival
4/22 – 5/1
Event Organizer: Mole Valley Ramblers | Source: Mole Valley Ramblers
Festivals · North East England
Haltwhistle Walking Festival
4/22 – 5/1
Event Organizer: Haltwhistle Walking Festival | Source: Haltwhistle Walking Festival
Festivals · Mid Wales
Talgarth Walking Festival
4/28 – 5/1
Event Organizer: Talgarth Walking Festival | Source: Talgarth Walking Festival
Festivals · North West England
Greater Manchester Walking Festival
5/1 – 5/31
Event Organizer: GM Walking Festival | Source: GM Walking Festival
Festivals · East England
Suffolk Walking Festival
5/13 – 5/28
Event Organizer: Suffolk Walking Festival | Source: Suffolk Walking Festival
Festivals · South West England
Corsham Walking Festival
6/9 – 6/11
Event Organizer: Corsham Walking Festival | Source: Corsham Walking Festival
Festivals · The Highlands
Moray Walking & Outdoor Festival
4/22 – 5/1
Event Organizer: Moray Walking and Outdoor Festival | Source: Moray Walking and Outdoor Festival
Festivals · Quantock Hills
Quantock Hills Walking Festival
6/8 – 6/11
Event Organizer: Stowey Walking | Source: Stowey Walking
Festivals · Central England and the Midlands
Wellington Walking Festival
9/11 – 9/17
Pre-registration required
Event Organizer: Wellington Walking Festival | Source: Wellington Walking Festival
Festivals · Wye Valley
The Ross Walking Festival
9/29 – 10/1
Event Organizer: Walking in Ross | Source: Walking in Ross
Festivals · Gower
Gower Walking Festival
9/2 – 9/10
Event Organizer: Gower Walking Festival | Source: Gower Walking Festival
Festivals · South Wales
Vale of Glamorgan Walking Festival
9/5 – 9/10
Event Organizer: Vale of Glamorgan Walking Festival | Source: Vale of Glamorgan Walking Festival
Festivals · North East England
Walking East Yorkshire Festival
9/9 – 9/22
Event Organizer: Walking East Yorkshire Festival | Source: Walking East Yorkshire Festival