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Ohridsee und Sveti Jovan, Nordmazedonien

BEST OF: Secret Outdoor Tips 2023

Have you already been bitten by the travel bug? We are sure that 2023 will be a year of outdoor adventures. We will discover new places together and travel along unknown paths. We'll introduce you to our favorite regions in and outside Europe that have a lot of potential for outdoor experiences but haven't yet made it onto the mass tourism radar. Have fun discovering them!

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Northern Macedonia is still a real insider's tip for outdoor adventurers: wild mountain ranges, untouched nature, ...

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State · India
Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is world famous for its apple orchards, hill stations, majestic valleys, clean rivers, alpine lakes, ...

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District · England, United Kingdom

Steeped in legends and surrounded by the warming Gulf Stream, Cornwall offers an extraordinary getaway for everyone! ...

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District · Romania

Located just a few hours from Bucharest, relatively close to Transylvania or Moldova, Buzau County remains a hidden gem ...

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Geographic region · Norway

The “skinny” part of Norway has a long stretch of accessible coastline packed with islands and mountains. If you want to ...

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Geographic region · Lower Austria, Austria

Waldviertel is in the northwestern part of the Austrian province of Lower Austria. Waldviertel is a bedrock landscape ...

Waldviertel Tourismus
Nature park

The Serra da Estrela Natural Park is a anthem to nature. An unforgettable destination to admire nature's works of art. ...

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Geographic region · Bavaria, Germany

With Schneeberg and Ochsenkopf, the thousands of peaks of the Fichtelgebirge, other mountain ranges, and forested ...

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District · Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

The Creuse is an ideal destination for nature sports. Located in the heart of France, this sometimes unknown area ...

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Cape Verde

Cape Verde - a group of islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, which certainly does not lack in character. ...

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Region · Italy

A little Italian pearl still little explored, with strong and sinuous features, a luxuriant nature with unique views. ...

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For those who prefer an active vacation in the mountains, there are numerous sights and destinations to discover in ...

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Geographic region · France
Pays de Gex and its Monts Jura resort

For those who prefer an active vacation, there are numerous sights and destinations to discover in Pays de Gex and its ...

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