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    Târgu Ocna Salt Mine Photo: Andrei Dan Suciu, CC BY-SA, Wikipedia Commons
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Moldova has been for some time synonymous with Bukovina. When you talk about going on holiday in Moldova, one usually thinks about the monasteries in the northern part of Moldova and to the houses that beautifully mark the wonderful landscape around resorts like Vatra Dornei. But other spectacular places in Moldova are also the Vânători-Neamț or Putna-Vrancea natural parks, the Ceahlău Mountains, or the vineyards in the southern part. A city walk through the former capital of medieval Moldova - the city of Iasi - should not be missing from your itinerary.
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Maps and trails

An emblematic building designed in the spirit of the community palaces of Western Europe, combining ...

from Paul Wasicsek,   RomaniaTravel.Guide
Gorge · Moldova
Bicaz Gorge

The Bicaz Gorge it is part of the Cheile Bicazului-Hășmaș National Park. It was excised by the ...

from Adina Wasicsek,   RomaniaTravel.Guide
Serviced Hut · Carpathians
Cabana Dochia
Sleeping berths: 120
Elevation: 1,764 m

Cabana Dochia este situată la o altitudine de 1750m, în zona superioară a masivului Ceahlău, pe platou, între vîrfurile Lespezi (1 805 m) şi Bîtca ...

from Adela Bodin,   RomaniaTravel.Guide
Cave · Moldova
Salina Târgu Ocna

Situată pe valea pitorească a Trotuşului, Salina Târgu Ocna oferă în actuala bază de agrement ...

from Paul Wasicsek,   Outdooractive Editors
Stronghold · Moldova
Neamț Citadel

The Neamț Citadel is a medieval fortress in Moldavia, located on the Timuș rock on the Pleşu Hill, ...

from Adina Wasicsek,   RomaniaTravel.Guide
Dam · Moldova
Lake Bicaz

Lake Bicaz also known as Lake Izvorul Muntelui (Mountain Spring), is the largest artificial lake in ...

from Adina Wasicsek,   RomaniaTravel.Guide

Situat în mijlocul naturii, ZagaZaga Land reflectă și consolidează relația intactă a oamenilor cu ...

from Paul Wasicsek,   RomaniaTravel.Guide
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Maps and trails

Authentic travel in Moldova

Undoubtedly, a classic trip through Moldova will take you to the monasteries in Bucovina - a good opportunity to admire the local villages with their bucolic landscapes. Unfortunately, traveling between the monasteries is difficult if you do not have your own car; so you might want to consider hitchhiking ...

Moldova is ideal for historical tourism with the seat of Suceava or the poetic Citadel of Neamț entered the urban imagination through various legends related to the reign of Stephen the Great. These are also the only cities that have survived from the former system of medieval fortifications of Moldova. As the former capital of the historical region, Iasi stands out today as the most important cultural center of the area.

Izvorul Muntelui Lake
Photo: K.L. Mircea, CC BY, Flickr

Last but not least, for spa tourism enthusiasts, Moldova has several places not to be missed such as Vatra Dornei, Târgu Ocna, or Slănic Moldova. Travelers can relax in these resorts not only by taking dedicated baths but also by venturing outdoors for easy walks or bike rides around the resorts.

Outdoor activities in Moldova

What to do in Moldova other than cycling, hiking, offroad, or glamping in Bucovina? For hiking lovers, Moldova has few secrets. The mountain trails in the Ceahlău Mountains or the Bicazului Gorges - Hășmașu Mountain are suitable for both beginners and advanced mountaineers. Lake Bicaz is a good starting point for many trails.

Ceahlau Mountains
Photo: Tudor Baciu, Unsplash

The eastern part of the region is less explored but particularly beautiful. From Lepșa you can start a nature trail through Cheile Tișitei (Tisitei Gorges) - a well-marked route, but sometimes partially destroyed by floods. Camping enthusiasts will find several places around the Putna waterfall. For adventurers, we recommend the unmarked routes in the Nemira Mountains or the summer sledge track in the Ghimeș-Făget pass area.

Bicaz Lake (Izvorul Muntelui) is a hotspot for kayakers for relaxing water pedaling, suitable for beginners as well. The waters of the artificial lake even host a kayak competition, usually in June.

In the Bicaz Gorges don't hesitate to try one of the two via ferrata routes, which are an excellent way to see not just the gorges, but the Red Lake also. Upon request, tour organizers can also include light tours at Grădina Zânelor or Munticelu Cave.

Ripen grapes
Photo: Michal Parzuchowski, Unsplash

Wine tasting in Moldova

Last but not least, Moldova is also famous for its vineyards and wines, since a third of Romania's wine-growing area is in this region. Odobești is the oldest and largest vineyard in Romania, dating from the seventeenth century. The native varieties are Galbena de Odobești, Plăvaia, Feteasca Albă, Feteasca Regală and Băbeasca Neagră. In the village of Cotnari, there are other vineyards famous especially for the delicious sweet white wines, from grapes rich in sugar and harvested at the end of autumn. Some well-appreciated wine varieties are Frâncușa, Feteasca Albă, Grasa and Tămâioasa.

We recommend a unique cycling adventure between the vineyards in Vrancea County, following the route Panciu - Jariștea - Odobești - Urechești; of course, you can along the way at any of the wine cellars available.

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