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  • Panoramic Medieval Citadel Sighișoara
    Panoramic Medieval Citadel Sighișoara Photo: Andrei-Daniel Nicolae, CC BY, Flickr
  • Cetatea Târgu Mureș, incinta
    Cetatea Târgu Mureș, incinta Photo: Sînziana Mihalache, CC BY-SA, Outdooractive Editors
  • Ursu Lake, Sovata
    Ursu Lake, Sovata Photo: Makrela, CC BY, Flickr
  • A nice panorama over Sovata Photo: Csilla Ozsvath, CC0, Pixabay
  • Turnul cu Ceas Photo: Paul Wasicsek, CC BY-SA, Digital Travel Guide S.R.L.
  • Targu Mures Video: Andrei Tamasan Videography
  • Salina Praid Photo: Adrian Moise, CC0, Unsplash


A county where the volcanic relief of the Călimani Mountains steadily leaves behind its typical strange rock formations to make way for the gentle hills of the Transylvanian Plateau, where salty lakes or molded caves sometimes tell legends about hidden treasures, witches, or the predatory Tatars. Marked paths await hikers and cyclists, and the waters of the Mureș River are ideal for rafting or kayak tours. In winter, when you've had enough fun on the ski slopes, take the next level -  skiing touring.

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Attractions in Mureș


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Maps and trails
Nature Reserve · Transylvania
Lacul Ursu

Lacul Ursu, principalul obiectiv turistic din Sovata, face parte dintr-o rezervație naturală de ...

from Sînziana Mihalache,   Outdooractive Editors
Ski Resort · Munţii Harghita
Havas Bucsin ski slope
Snow depth Mountain top
Lifts open
Last snowfall
Historical Site · Transylvania
Cetatea Sighișoara

Cetatea Sighișoara este centrul vechi al orașului Sighișoara, județ Mureș, România. Din 1999 a fost ...

from Adina Wasicsek,   RomaniaTravel.Guide
Castle · Transylvania
Castelul Haller

Castelul Haller din Ogra este un exemplu pozitiv de restaurare a unui conac nobiliar și de repunere ...

from Sînziana Mihalache,   Outdooractive Editors
Wine Cellar · Transylvania
Crama Liliac

Situată în partea superioară a podgoriei Lechința, crama Liliac te așteaptă să deguști un vin ...

from Sînziana Mihalache,   Outdooractive Editors
Summit · Transylvania
Scaunul Domnului

Scaunul Domnului (1381m) este probabil cel mai cunoscut vârf din Munții Călimani. Accesibilitatea, ...

from Sînziana Mihalache,   Outdooractive Editors
Architecture · Transylvania
Palatul Culturii

Palatul Culturii din Târgu Mureș este o clădire emblematică prin frumusețea ei, dar și prin ...

from Sînziana Mihalache,   Outdooractive Editors
Church · Transylvania
Biserica fortificată Saschiz

Biserica evanghelică din Saschiz, județ Mureș, Transilvania. A fost construită în secolul XIII-lea, ...

from Adina Wasicsek,   RomaniaTravel.Guide
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Maps and trails

Outdoors in Mureș: Classic or extreme adventures?

Trekking along the ridge of the Călimani Mountains takes you to the border of Mureș with the neighboring counties on the historical border road Via Maria Theresia. Although less explored, the southern half of Călimani brings you a sort of tranquility, sometimes disturbed by the rustling of fir trees or the presence of wild animals.

On Via Transilvanica, the hiker enters the county through the apple orchards and vineyards just above the city of Reghin, then proceeds noisily - to scare off the bears - at the foot of the Gurghiu Mountains, up to Câmpu Cetății, takes a deep dive in the Bear Lake at Sovata and exits through the Szeklerland. Not for long: he reenters the county at Archita and stops in several villages with fortified churches and welcoming households.

In the eastern part of the county, the landscape of hayfields and plains welcomes cyclists. If time permits, between the Villa Vinea and Jidvei - Cetatea de Baltă wineries, you can take a bicycle tour and enjoy some good wines.

For watersports lovers, the waters of the Mureș river between Răstolița and Stânceni get swirlier in the rainy season, a period targeted by rafting enthusiasts. Further downstream, the calm waters are often tried by kayakers. For equipment, there are a few groups that organize specific tours.

Last but not least, at the Târgu Mureș Aeroclub you can tandem jump with a parachute, but also enroll in glider or light aircraft piloting courses. Of course, that would mean spending more time in the region…

Bear Lake and other salty waters

Spa tourism and relaxing vacations in mountain villages famous for their clean air still represent an important tourist component in Mureș today.

The saltwater lakes in Mureș county have been documented since the 19th century, and their exploitation for touristic purposes started around the same time. You don't have to suffer from anything in particular to take a bath in the salt ponds and pools strewn between Târgu Mureș - Sovata - Reghin. Be it summer or winter, this type of treatment knows no seasonality.

In winter, a salty bath is a cherry on top after a day spent on the ski slopes of Sovata or ski touring through the Gurghiu Mountains.

At the base of the Călimani Mountains, in the Defileul Mureșului Superior Natural Park, are the mineral springs where several well-known brands of mineral water are extracted and bottled. The springs are not necessarily accessible, but hiking and biking in the mountain villages, as well as admiring the traces left by volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago keep the kids highly interested.

Fortified churches, manor houses and citadels

The Sighișoara Citadel is a rarity today, acting like a small village within a town, with people still living there. Book at least one night in a guesthouse inside the citadel walls; in the evening, the cobbled streets are quiet and deserted, and you can fully enjoy the medieval charm of the place.

The cultural influence of the Saxons in Mureș was present south of the Târnava Mică River, so that all the villages in the area have fortified evangelical churches. The fortified church in Saschiz slightly overshadows, rightfully so, most of the other churches. Yet in Cloașterf, Archita, Apold, Nazna, or Băgaciu you find some little fortified gems; some of them lie along the Via Transilvanica trail.

Fortified church in Archita
Photo: Silvia Nichita, CC BY-SA,

Hungarian aristocratic families such as Teleki, Haller, or Bethlen owned a number of manors or castles. Some are now in ruin, others are renovated and can be visited. In some, you can even spend the night, a unique experience for most.

One-day trips in Mureș County

If you have accommodation in Târgu Mureș try:

  • Sovata, for baths, fresh air, and a ride on the touristic steam train
  • Bistra Mureșului, the gateway to the Mureșului Gorges, but also the starting point of the route to Scaunul Domnului or for other easy hikes ideal for children
  • A bike tour on the wine road between Bălăuşeri - Târnăveni - Cetatea de Baltă (region known as ”Weinland”)
  • Exploring the plain villages in the east of the county with a stop at the Zau de Câmpie Steppe Peony Reserve (during flowering, of course)
  • A day in Reghin and surroundings


If you have accommodation in Sighisoara, try:

  • Hiking or cycling on Via Transilvanica
  • A few hours at the Mini Romania theme park from Apold

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