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  • Corvin Castle, Hunedoara
    Corvin Castle, Hunedoara Photo: maker_photography, CC BY, Pixabay
  • Sarmizegetusa Regia, Hunedoara, Romania
    Sarmizegetusa Regia, Hunedoara, Romania Photo: Cosmin Stefanescu, CC BY-SA, Wikipedia Commons
  • Densuș Church
    Densuș Church Photo: fusion-of-horizons, CC BY-SA, Flickr
  • Simeria Dendrological Park Photo: Marian Lucian, CC BY-SA,


The county of Hunedoara is a great destination for any traveler. Its landscape offers great variety and is home to the first national geopark in Romania, as well as to most of the Dacian fortresses. Hunedoara's plethora of hiking and mountain biking trails take you through a charming landscape of gorges, waterfalls, alpine lakes, and the rugged ridges of the Retezat and Parang mountains. Families will find medieval castles, thermal baths, or lush gardens that are perfect for exploring with children.

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Maps and trails
Waterfall · Transylvania
Clocota Waterfall

The Clocota waterfall is one of the most beautiful and special that I have seen, especially because ...

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Museum · Transylvania
The gold Museum of Brad

The Brad Golden Museum came into being in 1896 when a German geologist collected several pieces ...

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Miners Museum Petrosani

The collection includes some 1500 items related to mining, including equipment, tools, clothing, ...

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Stronghold · Transylvania
Cetatea Mălăiești

Cetatea Mălăiești este o fortificație medievală din secolul al XIV-lea din satul Mălăiești, comuna ...

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Leisure Park · Transylvania
Aventura Park Arsenal

Construit pe teritoriul unei fabrici de armament și muniție, Arsenal Park o arde pacifist. A devenit ...

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The Dacian fortress of Sarmizegetusa Regia was the most important military, political and religious ...

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Museum · Transylvania
Casa Memorială I.D Sârbu

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Forest · Transylvania
Rezervatia de Zimbri Hateg

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Holiday House · Transylvania
Country House Hățăgel

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Campsite · Transylvania
Clopotiva Camping

Un camping atipic aflat foarte aproape de școala de parapantă din Clopotiva și de terenul de aterizare. Proprietarul campingului dorește să atragă ...

from Sînziana Mihalache,   Outdooractive Editors
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Maps and trails

Besides a generous variety of outdoor activities, Hunedoara is a great option if you are into sustainable travel and supporting local communities. Look for guesthouses or cabins in the smaller villages around Hațeg or Grădiștea de Munte. Most hosts also offer meals- you'll be sure to enjoy the creamy sauces or the cheese and jam fried pies typical of the area.

When it comes to the ideal time of year to visit, rest assured that with the right equipment, you can explore the most beautiful places in Hunedoara in any season, whether you're there for hiking, biking, climbing, skiing or simply walking around with your camera in hand.

Hunedoara: a heaven for outdoor fans

Hiking in the Retezat Mountains
Hiking in the Retezat Mountains
Photo: Toa Heftiba, CC0, Unsplash

Mountain hikes to the glacial lakes and the rugged ridges of the Retezat and Parang Mountains are among the most popular outdoor activities in Hunedoara County and the Jiu Valley is the ideal place for long-distance hikes. The town of Petroșani is one of the gateways to the Parâng Mountains, while the neighboring towns of Vulcan or Uricani open numerous paths to the Retezat Mountains.

The Petroșani Basin is also a hotspot for mountain bikers who flock there to ride down the mountains. Known as the Jiu Valley MTB Trails, the network of downhill trails near Straja or Petroșani isn't for the fainthearted. To train your other muscles, these trails also function for trail running.

The bare rocky walls and the impressive landscapes of the Jiu Gorges or the Butii Gorges are a dream come true for any sports climber. Although the area is less popular for this activity, the rush and thrill of discovering unconquered climbing crags attracts many adventurers.

Arboretum Simeria
Arboretum Simeria
Photo: Ana Maria Aez, CC0, Unsplash

Skiers who come to the resorts of Straja and Parâng in winter will find plenty of accommodation, slopes with beautiful views, modern facilities and fewer crowds than in the popular resorts in Prahova Valley.

If you're Looking for easier walks in Hunedoara- maybe even somewhere you can also take your dog- try further north, around Deva. In the Dendrological Park of Simeria or in the aristocratic gardens of Banpotoc you'll find just the perfect spots for strolling, relaxing, and admiring nature.

The Țara Hațegului Dinosaurs Geopark

Did you know?

  • in the Cretaceous period, when Europe didn't exist yet, the Țara Hațegului microregion in Hunedoara County was a tropical island in the Tethys Ocean?
  • fossils of small dinosaurs have also been discovered in Hunedoara. Among the species to have been found are Hatzegopteryx, Zalmoxes robustus, and balaur bondoc.

You can learn more about all of these by exploring the Țara Hațegului Dinosaurs Geopark, the first UNESCO Geopark in Romania.

Nature park

The Țara Hațegului Dinosaurs Geopark in the Hunedoara region has a unique status among other protected areas. It is the ...

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A Day trip to the Dacian fortresses in Hunedoara

Strategically located in the heart of the mountains, visiting the Dacian fortresses is a must when in Hunedoara

To get an idea of the entire Dacian defense system, try doing a full tour of the ruins, which is possible only by car or bike. You can start from Petroșani, on the following route: Bănița Dacian Fortress (ruins) - Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa (Hațeg Depression) - Piatra Roșie Fortress (Boșorod, unexcavated) - Costești Fortress - Blidaru FortressFetele Albe Fortress (barely visible ruins) - Sarmizegetusa Regia.

Temples at Sarmizegetusa Regia
Photo: Cosmin Ștefănescu,

Hunedoara: a place of extremes for landscape photographers

Beyond the mountain landscapes, Hunedoara has two extremely photogenic elements, located at opposite ends.

At one end, there is Fundatura Ponorului in the Șureanu Mountains. The nature trail "Karst relief from the Șureanu Mountains" that starts from the village of Federi, is relatively easy and leads to one of the most picturesque places in the country, sought after by photographers and hikers alike.

MUNȚII ȘUREANU - Fundătura Ponorului
Video: Mihaela și Muntele

The former mining towns of Petroșani and Petrila are just the opposite.

Although not promoted, the city of Petroșani is looking up to tourism to be reborn from its own ashes, after the closure of the local coal mines. Definitely worth a look, especially as many mountain hikes or MTB trails start from here. You also have easy access from here to Băniței and Butii- the areas in the Șureanu Mountains with the most beautiful gorges.

Similarly interesting, Petrila has a valuable industrial heritage that looks spectacular if you know how to frame it.

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