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  • Colibița Lake
    Colibița Lake Photo: Cristian Bortes, CC BY,
  • Bistrița & Rodnei Mountains
    Bistrița & Rodnei Mountains Photo: Cristian Bortes, CC BY,
  • Traditional house in Burduleni, Bistrita-Nasaud
    Traditional house in Burduleni, Bistrita-Nasaud Photo: Cristian Bortes, CC BY,
  • Colibița Lake in winter Photo: Cristian Bortes, CC BY,


Until recently, Bistrița-Năsăud County contributed with only a couple of attractions to the travelers' map: a walk around Colibita Lake or challenging hikes to the ridge of the Rodna Mountains. Thanks to the Via Transilvanica route, adventurers started to explore the less touristy part of the county: its picturesque hills strewn with vineyards and fertile orchards, local wineries, or local museums and mansions, hitherto unknown.
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Attractions in Bistrița-Năsăud


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Maps and trails
Lake · Transylvania
Colibița Lake

The Colibiţa lake is a dam that collects water from the nearby mountains to supply the villages in ...

from Adina Wasicsek,   RomaniaTravel.Guide
Riding · Transylvania
Herghelia Beclean

Herghelia Beclean din localitatea omonimă oferă servicii de închiriere cai pentru plimbări ecvestre ...

from Sînziana Mihalache,   Outdooractive Editors

Poiana cu narcise de pe Muntele Saca, Munții Rodnei, este o arie protejată unde drumeții pot poposi ...

from Sînziana Mihalache,   Outdooractive Editors
Museum · Transylvania
Casa Argintarului

Muzeul Casa Argintarului este situat în plin centru istoric al orașului Bistrița și este probabil ...

from Sînziana Mihalache,   Outdooractive Editors
Self-Catering Hut · Maieru
La Cărți
Sleeping berths: 14
Elevation: 1,828 m

Die Schutzhütte La Cărți im Rodnamassif liegt am Șaua Între Izvoare auf 1820m im Valea Repedea Borșa.

from Gerd Simon,
Museum · Transylvania
Casa memorială Liviu Rebreanu

Casa Liviu Rebreanu din satul care astăzi poartă numele scriitorului menține vie memoria celui care ...

from Sînziana Mihalache,   Outdooractive Editors
Wine Cellar · Transylvania
Vie-Vin Lechința

Crama Vie-Vin Lechința a renăscut în peisajul viticol autohton după decăderea din perioada comunistă, ...

from Sînziana Mihalache,   Outdooractive Editors
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Maps and trails

Located in the northern part of Transylvania, at the confluence of mountains with wide valleys, guarded by forested hills, Bistrița-Năsăud County benefits from a very diverse natural and cultural setting. The soothing landscape of the Borgo hills, culminating in Tihuța Pass (the fictional location of Dracula's castle), became somewhat famous via Bram Stoker's novel "Dracula" (although the author never visited the area).

In Bistrita, the Saxon influences so beloved in more crowded tourist destinations in Transylvania are also visible; add to these local influences resulting from the coexistence of Romanians with Hungarians, Germans, Jews, Armenians, Roma, and you get a truly authentic landscape.

Hotel Dracula, Tihuța Pass, Bistrița-Năsăud
Photo: Cristian Bortes, CC BY-SA, Flickr

Classic, but impressive tourist attractions in Bistrița-Năsăud

A stopover in the city of Bistrita should definitely be on your list, followed, probably by setting your "base" either at the foot of the Rodna Mountains or near Lake Colibita and start exploring from there. If your journey continues to Bucovina, you will definitely also see the famous Tihuța pass (or Borgo pass).

Your holiday will include a city walk through the old center of Bistrita with visits to several well-documented local museums. Furthermore, both in Colibita and in the localities at the foot of the mountains, find an accommodation that offers a package of various activities suitable for families with children: relaxing walks or rent-a-bike service, boat or kayak rides, spa services (if the place allows it).

In winter, the Valea Blaznei slope, near Sângeorz-Băi, and the accommodation options nearby recommend the place for short holidays or even ski camps.

Bistrița-Năsăud for the more adventurous

The mountain trails in the north of Bistrița-Năsăud County (starting from Rodna, Șanț or Sângeorz-Băi) are long, less popular, so even more spectacular. For a delightful experience, come here in early summer and look for the daffodils meadow on Mount Saca. Your experience might be rounded with an agrotourism experience in the area.

Beclean Stud Farm organizes horse trips in the Rodna Mountains - an experience that few try, so do not hesitate to set aside time for something like this, if you are passionate about horseback riding.

Bistrița-Năsăud County can be covered in its entirety on foot or by mountain bike, on the Via Tranilvanica route: between Tihuța pass and Monor. The entire landscape - wide plains, dotted with haystack huts or isolated households - is a delight for any hiker, the adrenaline rises in some parts due to the presence of shepherd dogs, and the route includes several historical paths such as Roman Road or Maria Theresia Road (with a short deviation).

Long-Distance Hiking · Transylvania
Highland segment on Via Transilvanica trail
Difficulty Open
Distance 203 km
Duration 57:05 h
Ascent 4,656 m
Descent 5,001 m

The Highland segment starts at the boarder between Suceava and Bistrița-Năsăud counties and it takes 9 days of walking. It ends at Câmpul Cetății.

from Iulian Gabor,   Asociația Tășuleasa Social

Stop at the Tășuleasa Social headquarters, not only for a well-deserved rest and to (literally) recharge your batteries, but also to enjoy the excellent meals cooked by the hosts. Along the route, you'll also come across several mansions in a somewhat state of preservation or renovation, or sheepfolds where you can buy fresh dairy products.

The wine produced in Bistrita though less marketed has received a few international awards. Local wineries - mostly family businesses - are open for guests all year round, except during the harvest season.

recommended route Difficulty
Distance 227.7 km
Duration 3:30 h
Ascent 1,163 m
Descent 1,190 m

Although less promoted or sought after, the Bistrița County wine trail takes you through a dreamy natural setting, where the traveller has the ...

from Sînziana Mihalache,   Outdooractive Editors

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