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Via Ferrata "Che Guevara"


Via Ferrata Che Guevara - Monte Casale

November 14, 2021 · Community
This is a rather dull ferrata with little-to-no technical difficulties. Mostly, it's just never ending plodding, plodding, plodding uphill, which is probably even more disappointing, because the walls you think you will ascend, when you look up from Pietramurata, are soooo impressive. But, you DO NOT climb those walls! Instead, you veer diagonally and horizontaly (on the left flank), gradually gaining in altitude, all the way to the top. There are two or three places where you have to grab the steel cables and progress somewhat vertically, but I wouldn't rate anything here above C. It's a very good cardio exercise in beautifull surroundings, sure, but no climber's paradise. So, if you are looking for an adrenaline experience and perhaps at least a few segments of D or E difficulty, steer clear and go somewhere else. There is so much great climbing or mountaineering available all around you here that choosing a better destination shouldn't be a problem.


Staff Outdoor GardaTrentino SO 
November 15, 2021 · Garda Trentino
Buongiorno Andrej, we are aware that not everybody can enjoy such a via ferrata. Anyway, the via ferrata is momentarily CLOSED and people are not allowed to climb it.
Andrej Zupančič 
November 16, 2021 · Community
Hi guys! I didn't want to sound too harsh, but it does bother me that Che Guevara is generally touted in tourist literature as a great"ferrata"that one almost has to do when around Lake Garda. In my opinion (though I must admit I'm certainly no pro or top alpinist), at least, 80% of it shoud be rated with grade A and B, and I doubt it ever goes over C, except maybe for a 100 meters in toto. This is probably the main reason why true ferrata-lovers (hoping for at least some segments of D, if not E) are so disappointed by it. But it is a good and long hike and a great endurance/cardio training in beautiful outdoors. It all gets even better when one finally reaches the top of the massif and its lush meadows. But I would strongly advice against retracing your steps, and recommend descending on the Northern side (towards Sarche) instead, if you can work out the logistical problem of getting back to your car once you are down in the valley. Hitchhiking may not work too well.
Markus DG
May 17, 2022 · Community
Staff Outdoor GardaTrentino SO 
May 18, 2022 · Garda Trentino
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