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3 Peaks of National park Prokletije

August 10, 2021 · Community
HI!! the place look amazing! I just need to know if the narrow path along the mountain ridge would be scary for someone with fear of heights? I don't know if the way is really so narrow or is just the perspective from pictures i have seen. Are there any challenging parts in the route? Thanks a lot if you can help me answering this important question!!!

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Answered by Sinja K · August 10, 2021 · Community
Hi! The place is really lovely! I think it should not be a problem. The path is not that narrow and difficult than it looks on the pictures. If it is too scary for you, you could eassily turn around and go back, the view will be amazing though! Enjoy
Answered by Alex Ruales · August 12, 2021 · Community
Thanks a lot for your answer!!! i really appreciate it. Do you remember if the trail was well marked? I also have been reading about a section in the trail somewhere around Talijanka peak, where the terrain is very steep and with loese cree, or pebbles. People suggest it my be dangerous? Can you remember something about it? And just a last question, Is it easier to the hike beginning in Volusnica and going to Talijanka? or the other way around? I get nervous having drops too near and I don´t know in which direction it would be easier for me to go back in case I decide it. Thank you again if you can answer all these doubts!!
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